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Tiger Home &
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Colorado home inspectors you can trust to give a clear and accurate assesment of your property...

Property Inspection Services

Tiger has been in business since 2000 and has performed thousands of inspections in Colorado. All of our inspectors are trained and certified so that you can be assured of getting a quality property inspection.

Why Use Tiger?

Free 90 Day Warranty With Inspection

Tiger Home Inspections was one of the first companies in Colorado to offer a free warranty with every inspection.  Buy your next property and get the security and piece of mind of having a 90 day warranty.  The warranty covers most compnents of the home including, structural, roof, electrical, plumbinbg, heating, built in appliances and more.

Flexible Scheduling

Tiger Home Inspections is well aware of the time constraints that exist when trying to close a new home. We have the largest network of real estate and property inspectors serving the Colorado high country and western slope working together to meet the needs of all our time-sensitive clients.

Industry Leading Technology

Tiger Home Inspection company utilizes starte of the art equipment in our effort to bring our clients the highest quality inspection. In the past inspectors have been limited to what they could visually identify looking at walls floors and ceilings. Today our inspectors can look through those same barriers with high tech equipment to identify problem areas not visible to the naked eye.

Most Combined Experience

Colorado’s Mountainous terrain and challenging climate present a number of unique problems for structures over time. Our company has accumulated knowledge from visiting thousands of properties at elevation and can pinpoint areas of interest that other inspection firms overlook. From issues in settling foundations to potential ice-dam water infiltration, our expert inspectors are adapted to the rugged landscape.

Recent Customer Reviews

Susanne Kissmann

12 July 2024
What a fantastic inspection. I needed a quick turnaround and Tiger Inspection responded. I did most of the additional services offered and it gave me huge piece of mind and confidence in my new investment. The staff were very friendly, approachable and professional. Thanks Tiger Inspection!

Karen Cleaver

21 April 2024
Inspection scheduling process was easy and all options were explained well. Fred was the inspector and he was very knowledgeable and took the time to discuss all findings. We had a few follow up questions and he was very responsive. Report was well organized and easy to read. Very satisfied.

Grayson Cooper

13 March 2024
Andrew was incredible. Everything that you'd hope for in an inspection - thorough, systematic, thoughtful. But also much more. He walked us through every aspect of the inspection, what he noticed, what it revealed (or didn't), and what to look out for in the future. And he was patient with our (many) questions. The inspection fee was worth it for just the education alone. After just a few hours, I understood more about the house and property than other places where I've lived for years. And even beyond the knowledge in the report, this experience provided the confidence to make informed decisions moving forward - be it with this property or knowing what to look for in the future. A couple notes on the "extras" - I was on the fence about the infrared/thermal imaging, but after seeing how skillfully it was integrated to the whole inspection - not just checking for heat loss in a place or two, but for reviewing the electrical, which vents worked and didn't, and identifying potential moisture spots (and even seeing the framing in the wall from thermal bridging), I'm glad to have done it! I also didn't initially include the Repair Pricer Tool, but after receiving the inspection report and seeing how thorough it was, I immediately went back to get it! All to say, I would go back to Andrew for any future inspections and would fully recommend his work to others! Thanks again!

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