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Property Inspection Services

As a certified Home Inspection service in Vail, Tiger Home & Building Inspections provides a full range of services to give you the information you need to ensure you know the condition of the property you are purchasing.  Real Estate is the largest purchasing decision a person makes.   Many homeowners appreciate the opportunity to walk through their new home with an independent and knowledgeable person who can show them the facts.

Commercial Inspections

Business Locations and facilities
Tiger performs commercial inspections as well as residential.  Whether you’re buying an entire building or just a space within a building, we can inspect these properties so that you know what condition the space is in before you buy. Our certified commercial inspection professionals serving the Vail area will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the condition of the investment property whether it is an office building, motel, hotel, restaurant, or apartment complex.

11-Month Inspection

Do not let your builder’s warranty expire without scheduling this inspection. Let our consultant check your 11-month-old property to make sure you get the full benefit from the warranty program your builder gave you when you moved into your new house.  Our Vail area certified home inspection experts will identify areas of deficiencies and provide you a third party report that you can give to your builder.

Limited Inspection

Sometimes you need to check just a single home component or limited components. Our consultants can come out and check any exterior, garage, heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, structure, attic, basement or crawlspace problem or question you may have.

Well Water Flow Testing

If you’re purchasing a home with a well water system, we can do flow test it for you.  The flow test gives us an indication of the volume of water being produced by the well. 

New Construction Punch List

Our consultant will help you develop the list for your builder. You would be surprised what kind of problems you can find while inspecting brand new property.  We will include the construction industry standard of marking cosmetic items with blue masking tape so the builder can easily identify the areas needing repair.

Stage Inspections of New Construction

Draw Inspections
Out of town and not able to see firsthand construction activities on your new home? Our consultants will visit the construction site as often as you need. We will make sure the footers, framing, rough systems and insulation are done right before they are covered.

Air Testing

Test the air around your property

Do you want to know what is in the air you are breathe? Is the air safe in my home? These are all  questisons every home owner should ask, and an good home inspector can answere, with accuracy.