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Repair Pricer

What is Repair Pricer?

Repair Pricer is a pricing tool and service that translates home inspection reports into accurate repair estimates to help realtors and homebuyers make more informed decisions—conducted an analysis of 50,000 inspection reports of homes nationwide. The analysis identified the 100 most prevalent defects and the current and potential costs associated with fixing them.

50,000 Report Study

Analysis of more than 50,000 home inspection reports reveals thousands of dollars in identified repair costs during the home purchasing process.

The study found more than 1 million repairs were needed across 50,000 homes, while the average home required more than $11,000 in repairs. Key findings include:

  • More than half of houses studied contained doors that needed adjusting, a strong indicator of foundation issues.

  • More than half of houses studied lacked exterior caulking and sealant, leaving them highly susceptible to extensive water damage.

  • About 48 percent of homes lacked GFCI protection, leaving homeowners susceptible to electrocution, especially in water-prone areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

  • The five most expensive home defects—ranging from slightly more than $1,000 to just less than $10,000
    in repair cost—were identified in 9 to 20 percent of homes studied.