Water Quality Testing – potability, physical and chemical analysis

Do you want to know what is in the water you are drinking? This is the test to ask for. Our water quality testing service experts in Vail will check water for bacteria, hardness, turbidity and several other indicators. Test is usually for homes with private wells.  Results take a few days due to laboratory times.

Water Quantity/Flow Test

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This is a one hour test that tells us whether or not the well is yielding enough water to sustain normal household use.  Will your well run dry after 20 minutes? Will the pump start pulling sediment from the bottom of the well?  Will the well produce enough water over the entire testing time to indicate a good enough yield of the well?

Radon in the Air Testing

National Radon Proficiency Program
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Radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer according to the EPA, is a radioactive gas emitted from the ground. Our Vail radon testing service consultant’s use the most advanced electronic radon measuring devices available. Radon is prevalent in Colorado due to uranium in the soils.  Test your potential new home or your current home to determine if you need radon mitigation done to keep your family safe.  (Tiger does not do mitigation, just radon testing in the Vail area).